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Allison Kelley and Jake Kujawa at a Thrift Store Pure Imagination

Dirigible’s Digitial Content Designer, Allison Kelley is 💯 Creative, On & Off Duty

Dirigible Studio Working via Zoom How Dirigible Studio Makes Working from Home Work

while we’ve been working with Google Drive, Notion, Zoom & Slack for quite some time, they’re now doing double-duty, thanks to all the changes that 2020 brought. Now that we’ve been able to lean on them more than ever, we’re honing our tools even more. So while we miss the chance to see each others’ faces without the aid of a video screen, we’re well-outfitted to keep up the collaborative spirit of what we do from home.

We’re Here for the Movement for Black Lives

We’re Here for the Movement for Black Lives. This summer was a turning point. When George Floyd was brutally murdered at the hands of the…

Madison Wisconsin and Tulips Why We Belong to Dane Buy Local

Why we belong to Dane Buy Local and what COVID-19 tells us about building a sustainable local economy.

Google Analytics Chart Introducing Dirigible SEO

Need a lightweight, easy to use, search engine optimization plugin for your WordPress website or blog? Download Dirigible SEO today and edit your Title and Meta Description tags with ease.

Water Watercooler

Miss your office? Us too. Got some deep office thoughts that need to be shared? Leave ’em below.

Microphones on a Yellow Background Our Favorite Podcasts

Here’s a list of our favorite podcasts. We hope they will amuse and delight you!

Kindra & Sam Mix Tape 4/4/20

It’s been quite the week, hasn’t it? Here’s a mixtape, because we love you—well, not a mixtape, because it’s 2020—but here’s our Spotify playlist.

Allison Kelley, Dirigible Studio Allison Kelley Joins the Dirigible Team

Allie is our new Digital Content Designer, adding sparkle and shine to our visual marketing materials and social media for our clients.

Herd Wisconsin Mobile & Desktop Websites Herd Wisconsin Logo & Website

We designed a logo, a brand guide and developed a WordPress website for a local non-profit in one day as part of our annual “Dirigible Mission”.

Marian Halls Marian Halls Joins the Dirigible Team

Say hello to Marian Halls, our new copywriter! Marian is our in-house word wizard, creating dynamic content for our clients and helping generate strategic approaches to web experience for users.

VR Experience Virtual Reality Fundus Experience Is a Hit for the UW-Madison DOVS

Dirigible Studio created a virtual reality walkthrough of the fundus of the eye for the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (DOVS) for their booth at the American Association of Ophthalmology’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco.

Five Year Anniversary

According to the calendar, today is July 2nd, 2019. It’s a Tuesday. Or as you may know it, one of 52 days out of the…

NessAlla Kombucha Bottles New Package Design for NessAlla Kombucha

How we created the label design for NessAlla Kombucha’s line of CBD-infused kombucha Recently, Dirigible Studio had the opportunity to create original artwork for NessAlla…