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Introducing Dirigible SEO

An SEO Plugin for Developers and SEO Pros

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We strongly believe in creating informative and entertaining content for our website visitors (with semantic code underlying everything, of course). Playing games with algorithms is not only a waste of time, but it’s also antithetical to our principles. Ranking is a function of great content, beautiful design, smart writing, and a solid understanding of best practices.

A plugin can’t replace that.

A plugin can help you leverage your SEO expertise.

That’s why we built Dirigible SEO—we needed a lightweight, easy-to-use way to edit our title tags and meta descriptions within a WordPress page or post on our own sites. Now we’re releasing the plugin for free so that other WordPress developers and SEO experts can use it on their own websites.

How Dirigible SEO Stacks Up


Shave down your load time for better SEO.


Enjoy a quicker WordPress experience.

Lighter Plugin

31 KB vs 10.6 MB. That’s a difference of 34,200%.

Dirigible SEO is light on your site.

We’ve used various SEO plugins over the years, but most of them are for SEO beginners who need handholding or who can’t code. At Dirigible Studio, we use a variety of specialized tools, including SEM Rush*, Google Search Console, and Google Keyword Planner to research and plan our content strategy. Our team writes and polishes our content long before the copy is placed. Although it’s possible to use WordPress as a composing tool, it’s not always practical. So using a huge SEO plugin is unnecessary for our workflow and overkill for our websites.

For example, Yoast is 10.6 MB. Dirigible SEO is just 31kb. Yes, Yoast is 34,200% **larger. Since we’re already using a different sitemap generator, using Yoast is like bringing a cannon to a knife fight. Sure, your cannon is great and all, but while you’re taking the time to load that thing, someone else has already found 50 different ways to wield that blade.

As far as speed goes, accurately gauging the exact performance difference is tough. The amount of code that executes on any given WordPress site is incredibly variable, and all that variability impacts performance in different ways. In our tests, our backend loads about 25% faster with Dirigible SEO, and our front-end loads about 10% faster. While editing a page, we were getting 207 DB calls with Yoast compared to 163 DB calls with Dirigible SEO (a decrease of about 40, or 22%), and on the front-end, we saw a decrease of 4-6 when making the switch (which, for our sites, is about a 6% difference).

On our local test install that we use as a basis for all of our sites, using Dirigible SEO instead of Yoast shaves about 0.88 seconds off the load time. And load time is a leading SEO signal. We get it—Yoast does a ton of stuff and is loaded with features. But Dirigible SEO is for those of you who need to manage SEO, not manage a plugin.


Set it and forget it

Ready to give it a go? Installation is fast and easy. Just search for “Dirigible SEO” from your plugin screen on your WordPress site or download it from the WordPress plugin repository. If you’ve been using Yoast, we’ve also created a one-click migration tool.

Once installed, simply edit your title and meta descriptions from the page sidebar. Our handy preview shows you how your page or post appears in search results.

Dirigible SEO is free

We’re excited to share Dirigible SEO with the WordPress community, and we’re giving it away for free. Why? Because we wanted to give back.

We’ve benefitted greatly over the years from other free plugins, especially the incredible, irreplaceable Advanced Custom Fields by Elliot Condon—a truly life-changing, business building plugin.

Try it now

Download the plugin from the WordPress repository today!

Learn more

We’re cooking up some more WordPress plugins, themes, and tools. Sign up for updates and you’ll be the first to know when we release them.

*This is an affiliate link from SEM Rush. We have used it for years and enthusiastically recommend it. If you use this link to sign up for a free trial, we may receive a small commission at no additional cost to you.

Published on May 06 2020

Last Updated on May 08 2020