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Putting the Fun in Fundus

Dirigible Studio’s Virtual Reality Experience Is a Hit for the University of Wisconsin Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences

Dirigible Studio created a virtual reality walkthrough of the fundus of the eye for the University of Wisconsin–Madison Department of Ophthalmology and Visual Sciences (DOVS) for their booth at the American Association of Ophthalmology’s Annual Meeting in San Francisco. The VR experience showcased the work of the Fundus Photograph Reading Center, one of the premier ophthalmic imaging centers in the world. The VR experience generated excitement, engaged attendees and enhanced the DOVS presence on the exhibition floor, so much so that they received the highest marks of any academic institution present. 

The fundus walkthrough Dirigible Studio created highlighted our state of the art Fundus Photograph Reading Center using the high-quality imaging and expertise at which they excel.

Experience the walkthrough for yourself

View on an Oculus Headset

If you have an Oculus headset, you can experience our full fundus walkthrough in the Oculus Browser or Firefox Reality by navigating to this link:

View On a Google Cardboard Headset

If you have a Cardboard headset, you can still view the fundus walkthrough (although you won’t be able to “point” to the points of interest). However, you will have to use Firefox or Chrome on your device; Safari is locked down as of iOS 13. 

Or, if you’re not living that Virtual Reality life yet, we have a handy demo for you right here:

We’re committed to making sure that our clients have access to the best available marketing resources

VR is still considered a gimmick by some. However, it’s important not to dismiss new and novel ways of letting users interact with content or data. As VR matures, it will offer endless ways of displaying information in richer, more vibrant, and immersive ways. For lack of a better word, it will make these experiences more real! At Dirigible, we’re committed to making sure that our clients have access to the best available marketing resources, which is why we’re invested in developing our VR and AR skillsets. 

Jake Casey was the lead developer on this project, with technical support from Sam Farrell and art direction from Kindra Goehler. The project was built primarily with A-Frame, an open-source framework created by developers at Google and Supermedium. Using the new WebVR and WebXR APIs, A-Frame allows developers to interact with Virtual Reality headsets and hardware directly from the browser, cutting down on time spent on setup and development with new VR experiences. As VR is still in its nascent stages, removing barriers of use to these experiences is crucial in providing good user experience. At Dirigible, we’re able to leverage this framework to get our VR and AR projects off the ground quickly.

Kindra Goehler Headshot

Kindra Goehler

Creative Director, Fairy Godmother, Partner

Are you interested in having a custom VR experience developed for your next tradeshow, training event, or product demo? Contact Kindra at Dirigible Studio today , and we’ll make that dream a (virtual) reality.*

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*(Yes, we did that, and we have either zero of the regrets or all of them for having done so. But, not doing it would be insanity.)