Who we are.

Dirigible Studio is a web design and marketing company based in Madison, Wisconsin. We offer WordPress development, SEO, social media, digital & graphic design services. See what we’ve created lately.

Kindra Goehler

Kindra Goehler


Kindra Goehler is the managing partner of Dirigible Studio. She works with businesses both big and small to create authentic connections between people. Her multi-disciplinary approach to design projects incorporates her veteran project management skills, web development experience, and fine art background. Her visual verve and strategic vision ensure that the work we produce is not only beautiful but vital.

Sam Farrell


Sam’s obsessive dedication to creating beautiful, innovative and user-friendly websites is Dirigible Studio’s secret weapon. From the design, the user interface, or the zeros and ones beneath it all—he makes sure all elements work in concert to build a cohesive, intuitive experience. But seriously, he’s also a rock star.

Jake Casey

Web Developer, Scholar & Gentleman

Jake’s web development experience and skills ensure that the code we produce is clean, clear, and (dare we say) poetic. In his free time, he is building an online service that converts text to speech.

Nathan Piontek

Production Manager, Neatnik

Nathan dots our i’s and crosses our t’s. He also checks a lot of boxes. His organizational skills make sure that we all know what to do and when to do it.

Marian Halls, Copywriter

Marian Halls

Copywriter, Distiller of Words

Marian crafts content into compelling cocktails of story, wit, and depth. Her love of the written word, her sharp listening skills, and a knack for nuance are her core ingredients for telling clients’ stories.

Cathy Goehler

Operations Manager, Gal Friday

Cathy makes sure that Dirigible Studio runs smoothly and efficiently. Her operations expertise is essential, and her yoga teacher training keeps us centered on days with tight deadlines.


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