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Marian Halls Joins the Dirigible Team

Say hello to Marian Halls, our new copywriter!

Marian Halls, Copywriter

Marian is our in-house word wizard, creating dynamic content for our clients and helping generate strategic approaches to web experience for users.

From Airplanes to Dirigible

Marian wrote her first poem in fourth grade. Since then, Marian’s love of all things word-related has driven her to pursue, and write about, all kinds of adventures — from taking music lessons from pop stars in Brazil; to chronicling tourism and cultural memory in Israel and the Palestinian territories; to co-running a briefly lived but magical online literary magazine.

It didn’t hurt that Marian’s family lived in Latin American when she was a kid––Marian has been hooked on new experiences and living in new places ever since. It also means that sometimes, the place she feels most blissfully at home is in an airport––that rare space where it’s most possible to hold two different places in your heart at once.

Marian Halls

Marian’s love of writing eventually brought her from southern California to the heartier lands of the upper midwest, in pursuit of a graduate degree in literature at UW-Madison. She has called Madison home ever since—having (mostly) acclimated to supper clubs, shoveling snow, and Madison’s vibrant local culture.

Since moving here for school, Marian has taught literature and writing to students at both UW-Madison and Madison College. She has worked as a writer and editor for an adventure travel company, a fashion merchant, and a history and culture blog. She has been a regular improv comedy performer with Monkey Business Institute. This versatility gives her an intuitive sense for voice, and she writes from a place of empathy, cultural literacy, and humor. We think that makes her a good addition to our team here at Dirigible.