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Copywriting & Social Media Internship

Apr 06 2022

Dirigible Studio is looking for a copywriting intern to join our agency for this summer and beyond. Your prose— sparkling. Your grammar—on point. Being extremely online is a plus.

A Christmas Gift For You

Dec 23 2021

Our epic xmas playlist is new and improved. 4+ hours of jingletastic jukeboxery.

Diff API

Oct 27 2021

Starring Our Diff API This Halloween, we built something spooky using a new product of ours. Enter: Diff. It’s diff(erent) then anything we’ve ever done before. Diff is an API…

Dirigible Studio is an official Mailchimp partner! 💌

Oct 08 2021

Our team has sent millions of emails and has over 15 years experience of working with Mailchimp. Our digital marketing team is also certified in Mailchimp Foundations,  which ensures we have a comprehensive understanding of Mailchimp best practices.

September Roundup

Sep 30 2021

This past month, we launched two spectacular websites — Marsh Haven Nature Center and Janie!

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