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Introducing Dirigible Website Builder

An entirely new (and improved) way of building WordPress websites.

Happy shiny websites, ftw.

At Dirigible Studio, we love WordPress. We’ve created hundreds of WordPress websites over the years, and we love helping our clients achieve their goals with a shiny new site. The one thing that was kind of a bummer, however, was when the shine wore off.

Plugins fell out of active development, trends changed, new features were difficult to add without ripping apart templates. Heck, each website we developed was better than the one before but those gains weren’t retroactively applied.

What if there was a way to make sure that our client sites were always automagically updated with the latest and greatest features we were adding to our sites?

That’s when we went back to the drawing board, and starting working on “The Theme to End All Themes.”

Robust, flexible and beautiful, out of the box.

We began building a network of sites that shared a library of design patterns that can be easily and endlessly configured to fit the style and content of any website—so there’s no longer any need to buy or build a custom theme.

Even better, because each site is part of our network, whenever we add block patterns, custom plugins or other features, each site in our network gets upgraded with the new hotness we just launched.

For example, we had a client who needed a timeline block. We built it for them, and then rolled out the timeline to everyone on our website builder platform. Dirigible is under continuous development, and powers this website and many others.

Power to the people

The best part about all of this? We’ve designed Dirigible to be so easy to use, you don’t need to hire a WordPress developer to create your site for you—you can do it yourself without installing templates, plugins, or struggling with design. (Although if you prefer to have us do the heavy lifting, we can do the work and deliver a turn-key site.)

Dirigible is built on top of WordPress, because it’s the best content management system out there, but it’s also a great alternative to Squarespace, Shopify or Wix. From simple landing pages to blogs for content creators to fully-fledged WooCommerce implementations, Dirigible is helping people and businesses spend less time working on their websites and more time doing what they do best.

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But wait, there’s more…

The other great thing about Dirigible? Our team of software developers is constantly improving the platform so that you never have to worry about things like speed, performance, markup, schema and all the other things you need to know to build a successful website. Want to nerd out about the details? Sign up below, and one of our partners will get in touch to give you a personalized demo and answer questions.

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