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Stack of Books Summer Reading List 2021

Summer Reading List 2021

Jun 11 2021

Wanna join our book club? This summer, the Dirigible team is hitting the books. Below you can find a curated list of our all-time favorites, what we’re currently reading and…

Ryan Eick Meet Ryan Eick

Meet Ryan Eick

Jun 08 2021

Ryan Eick is our WordPress Lead, joining our design team on the layout end of things; he also helps with updating web content, managing WordPress sites, and troubleshooting plugins.

Allison Kelley and Jake Kujawa at a Thrift Store Pure Imagination

Pure Imagination

May 29 2021

Dirigible’s Digitial Content Designer, Allison Kelley is 💯 Creative, On & Off Duty

Copywriting & Social Media Internship

Copywriting & Social Media Internship

Apr 15 2021

Dirigible Studio is looking for a copywriting intern to join our agency for this summer and beyond. Your prose— sparkling. Your grammar—on point. Being extremely online is a plus.

Dirigible Studio Working via Zoom How Dirigible Studio Makes Working from Home Work

How Dirigible Studio Makes Working from Home Work

Mar 01 2021

while we’ve been working with Google Drive, Notion, Zoom & Slack for quite some time, they’re now doing double-duty, thanks to all the changes that 2020 brought. Now that we’ve been able to lean on them more than ever, we’re honing our tools even more. So while we miss the chance to see each others’ faces without the aid of a video screen, we’re well-outfitted to keep up the collaborative spirit of what we do from home.

Striped Background How to set up Stripe

How to set up Stripe

Feb 03 2021

On Your Dirigible Website First things first What is Stripe? Stripe is Dirigible Studio’s preferred payment processor. It’s a great alternative to Paypal, Square, and other online payment methods for…