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Refuge Arts Logo

Refuge Arts

The Refuge has a beautiful woodcut logo designed by Chad Brady, but it needed to work across the board in digital formats. We kept the organic shape and feel while unifying the lines, and brought the design into the digital realm. Brush work by Ryan Eick.

Concepts & Process

Ethically Sourced Art Badge

Ethically Sourced Art

This badge was designed for Refuge Foundation for the Arts as an instantly recognizable way to differentiate art created in a sustainable way for the artists.

Presented by CC

Presented by Cory Chisel

A badge to delineate events presented by Cory Chisel.

Oh yeah, and we also designed a ton of records for Refuge.



The Priggs

Mete The Priggs

Cory Chisel

Tell Me True

Adriel Denae

Working with a beautiful collage by Carissa Sosnowski, Adriel Denae’s album pretty much designed itself. We kept the layout minimal to let Carissa’s art shine.

The Wilderness

Posters? We designed a load of those, too. We’ve included a small selection.

Refuge Block Party

Poster designed to celebrate and inform about a day of music at Houdini Plaza in Appleton, WI. We used the design language we established for Hopeland in Green Bay to marry the two.

Feed the Body, Feed The Soul

Taste of Soul

Keep It Wisconsin

Concert series held in the Timer Rattlers Stadium.

Way Back Wednesday

Hopeland Festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Hopeland is an annual music festival in Green Bay, Wisconsin. We crafted a new look and feel for each year, and created collateral to go with it. For 2019, we created colorful branding, celebrating diversity in the same way as the festival.

Playing Cards

Artist Promotional Pack

Poster Series

All woodcuts made and stamped by Chad Brady, recolored and digitized by Dirigible Studio.

Good water Logo

Good Water

Logo and concept designed for a bar, restaurant, and music venue on College Avenue in Appleton, Wisconsin.

Neighborhood Logo


Our Refuge friends at Neighborhood asked us to recreate a great design they made with a free logo app, but better.

Refuge lounge facebook cover

The Refuge Lounge, a music venue in the heart of Appleton, Wisconsin that is a subsidiary of Refuge Foundation for the Arts.

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