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Steve Brown Apartments website on a laptop.
Steve Brown Website on multiple devices.

Steve Brown Apartments

An apartment rental company as diverse as Madison’s Steve Brown Apartments needed a diverse multi-site install. They also needed to be ADA compliant.

All in the


Steve Brown Apartments needed a bunch of sites because they have a bunch of properties. We opted for a multi-site install to keep the code clean to keep the design consistent. We can update in a click and add a brand new sub-site in another.

Re-Designed for

ADA Compliance

Steve Brown wanted to hit a 100% accessibility rating on Lighthouse, and we made it happen. There were a bunch of edits made under the hood to make sure that screen readers could access every inch of the site, and we made some design changes that are a little more obvious on the front end.

Higher Contrast

We made sure that contrast ratios were acceptable throughout.

Breathing Room

White space isn’t only good for design, its good for legibility and makes data more easily scannable.

Recognizeable UX

We unified clickable elements on the site, and made them more instantly recognizable as interactive UI elements, with rounded buttons and unified padding.

Legibility First

We have made sure to put legibility first, whether by unifying typography or by keeping line lengths between 50-75 characters.


244 Gilman before Redesign


244 Gilman after redesign.

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