Kindra Goehler & Sam Farrell at Dirigible Studio

Looking Back on 2018

Dec 31 2018

The past year has offered its share of challenges, starting with that whole conflagration thing, forcing us to temporarily relocate our office. Then, once we settled into our cozy new confines, the Near Eastside was under the threat of being underwater due to intense rain and rising lake levels. To top that off, our office was overtaken by a swarm of gnats. Fire. Flood. Infestation. Had frogs started falling from the sky, it would have seemed of a piece for the way the year was going.

Luckily, things settled down a bit after that and we were able to spend the past few months in relative tranquility. We’ve since moved back to our old office space on the corner of Atwood & Winnebago. And since we’re spending a lot less time mitigating disasters and other non-marketing tasks, we’ve been able to take on new projects and add new people to our team. (Hello Kylie, Jake & Nathan!)

Despite the tumult that marked the start of the year (i.e. fire engulfing the building where your office is located, emails warning you to be prepared to evacuate the isthmus should a dam fail, etc.), 2018 was, broadly speaking, a year filled with success. This is entirely due to the having such fantastic clients. Thanks to each and everyone one of you! 

Here’s to a successful 2018 and an even better year ahead.

Kindra, Sam, and the entire Dirigible Studio Crew